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Digital Design Products

I love turning my lettering skills into tools you can use over and over to make your own designs and platforms look great. Some ideas I can help with:

  • New or updated logo for your side hustle
  • Digital stickers or banners for your Instagram or Pinterest images
  • Social media banners or icons

Plus, coming soon, an ever expanding collection of Procreate brushes, repeating patterns, and hand lettered fonts.

Logo Design Process for Fausnaugh Leather

Easy Peasy

My first hand lettered font features the full Latin alphabet plus 19 ligatures. There are also standard Latin accents and a complete set of alternative, more decorative glyphs.

Preview more images and examples here.


This set of Procreate stamp brushes have amazing texture that will add a ray of light to all your creations.

Preview more Sunburst here.

If you’re looking for a logo for your new or newly rebranded side hustle, I can help create hand lettered designs for all your social media platforms, business cards, etc. including icons and cover images like these.


If you need a logo design or have an idea for a custom font, brush set, or pattern, send me a message and we’ll get started making something you’ll love.